Why Lutan Edukasi E-learning Solution

Written by Daniel Wirajaya


For some people, e-learning may constitute the conversion of printed materials to be displayed in browser, perhaps with a series of linked pages, a table of contents, but not much interactivity.

On the contrary, Lutan Edukasi E-learning Solution delivers high-quality e-learning material with rich features.

 High levels of interactivity: Participants are not passive, but they are active learners in our e-learning solution

Use of Video, audio, and other multimedia: Create an e-learning experience that is both entertaining and engaging even for those “non-techie” participants
Integration with classroom based learning: Use e-learning as follow up tools to ensure your training investment pays off
Community based: Build relationship with facilitators and fellow e-learners through discussion forums

User progress tracking: Monitor the progress of all e-learning participants and make sure that your e-learning reaches its intended goals.

Many corporations adopted e-learning with the goal to save cost while maintaining its effectiveness. A Gartner study on e-learning reported that “training is moving online for the same reason that companies attempted outsourcing 10 years ago: not because it is better, but because it is cheaper and more measurable.” However, cost saving is only one of many benefits of e-learning.

Effective e-learning solutions from Lutan Edukasi deliver the following benefits.

• Users learn at their own pace.
• Learning process occurs in small units.
• High degree of interaction is ensured.
• Results are measurable.

Lutan Edukasi e-learning Solution will help you and your organization reap the benefits of e-learning today.


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